1 noun
1 WAY OF MOVING (U) a smooth controlled way of moving that is attractive to look at, especially because it seems natural and relaxed: Lena had the grace and poise of a model.
a) (U) polite and pleasant behaviour: Jenny answered their questions with grace and dignity. | have the (good) grace to do sth (=be polite enough to do something): Meg didn't even have the grace to apologize.
b) graces (plural) the skills needed to behave in a way that is considered polite and socially acceptable: social graces
3 MORE TIME (U) more time that is added to the period you are allowed for finishing a piece of work, paying a debt etc: a day's/week's etc grace: I got a day's grace to finish my essay.
4 with (a) good/bad grace willingly and cheerfully, or in an unwilling and angry way: Kevin smiled and accepted his defeat with good grace.
5 GOD'S KINDNESS (U) God's kindness shown to people because he loves them: by/through the grace of God (=because of God's kindness): By the grace of God, Alan wasn't hurt.
6 there but for the grace of God (go I) used to say how lucky you feel that you are not in the same bad situation as someone else
7 PRAYER (C, U) a prayer thanking God, said before a meal: say grace: Who will say grace?
8 be in sb's good graces to be liked and approved by someone at a particular time
9 SOUL (U) the state of someone's soul when it has been freed from evil, according to Christian belief: be in a state of grace (=to have been forgiven for what you have done wrong when you die)
10 Your/His etc Grace used as a title for talking to or about a duke, duchess, or archbishop
11 the Graces three beautiful Greek goddesses who often appear in art
—see also: fall from grace fall 1 (13), saving grace save 1 (13) 2 verb (T)
1 grace sth/sb with your presence an expression meaning to bring honour to an occasion or group of people by being present, often used jokingly when someone comes late or does not often come to meetings etc: Ah so you've decided to grace us with your presence!
2 to make a place or an object look more beautiful or attractive: His portrait now graces the wall of the drawing room.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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